The Gaborator

Waveforms are so last century

The Gaborator is a C++ library that generates constant-Q spectrograms for visualization and analysis of audio signals. It also supports an accurate inverse transformation of the spectrogram coefficients back into audio for spectral effects and editing. Both analysis and resynthesis run at several million samples per second on a single core of an Intel Core i5 laptop CPU.

For more information, see the online documentation, watch the talk Exploring Time-Frequency Space with the Gaborator presented at the 2017 Audio Developer Conference, or email the author at

Online Demos

The online demos below allow you to interactively pan and zoom through spectrograms generated using the Gaborator. The user interface is similar to that of online maps and based on the Leaflet library.

Piano: Aria by J. S. Bach

Strings: Meditation by Josef Suk

Multitrack recording: The Swing State by Subliminal


The Gaborator library can be downloaded here: gaborator-1.3.tar.gz.