Note: This documentation is for an old version of the Gaborator. For the 2.1 documentation, click here.

The Gaborator

The Gaborator is a C++ library that generates spectrograms for the visualization and analysis of audio signals. It supports constant-Q, constant-bandwidth and mel scale spectrograms, as well as a fast and accurate inverse transformation of the spectrogram coefficients back into audio for spectral effects and editing.

The Gaborator is compatible with C++ versions from C++11 through C++20 and beyond. It has been tested on macOS, iOS, Linux, NetBSD, FreeBSD, and OpenBSD, on Intel x86_64 and ARM processors.

The Gaborator is open source under the GNU Affero General Public License, version 3, and is also available for commercial licensing. See the file LICENSE for details.

Example Code

The following examples demonstrate the use of the library in various scenarios. They are presented in a "literate programming" style, where the code is embedded in the commentary rather than the other way around. Concatenating the code fragments in each example yields a complete C++ program, which can also be found as a .cc file in the examples/ directory.

API Reference

The following documents define the library API.

How it Works

The following document outlines the operation of the library.



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